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Rich Casford

CEO – Founder

Rich Casford began his mailing career in 1964 just as the Zip Code system was being introduced into the United States Post Office Department.  During his years in the commercial mailing field, Rich has seen the Post Office Department change to the United States Postal Service in 1971.

Rich has been involved with the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association (now Idealliance) since 1979, serving as President of the Southern California Chapter for 15 years and serving on the National Board of Directors from 1986-1992.  Rich has held the position of Industry Co-Chair for South Coast and Santa Ana Postal Customers Councils for a total of 12 years.  Rich just completed a four-year term on the USPS Mailers Technical Advisory Committee in 2016.

Involvement with Whittier Mailing Service Inc. for 52 years, Rich took his mail processing production background and founded Whittier Mailing Products Inc. in 1989 to solve the problem of correct tray and sack labels for commercial mailing industry. The introduction of the BarCode Tagger system changed the mailing industry from hand written tray labels to computer on-demand printed tray labels with the most up to date routing information from the USPS.

As USPS regulations changed adding wafer seal tabs to mail production, Whittier Mailing Products expanded the product lines to add all the major items needed by the mailing industry for one stop shopping of consumable mail processing supplies.

With a history of commercial mail processing in our DNA, Whittier Mailing Products understands the needs of the commercial mailing community and the United States Postal Service.

Luis Contreras

Vice President and General Manager

Luis Contreras is Vice President of Sales at Whittier Mailing Products. Luis joined WMP in May 2000 and is responsible for sales, growth initiatives, partner development, and marketing. With 20 years of sales experience and leadership his focus has helped WMP earn the distinction as one of the most successful and customer-focused organizations in the industry. His goal is to continue to provide our customers new products, deepen customer relationships, and evolve the Whittier brand experience.


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